What Is Fitoor ?

Our motto at Fitoor Inc. is being a part and support of anyone following their passion. We as Fitoor do not believe that there's anything impossible to achieve if you put your soul into whatever you're doing.

If you're doing something awesome and don't know how to get it out there, how to stand out in a mob of others, which right door to knock, which thread to weave in to make it right? Fitoor is all ready to be your genie and bring all the right answers to the table. You put your soul into what you do and we put ours into serving that to the world in the best possible way.

We take up a mighty range of campaigns and activities to bring to you what you deserve - an audience, an applause, a satisfaction of being appreciated; infact anything you ever craved for as an artist or a company.

Wonder why our logo is a dream catcher?
We want you to go out there; go chase your dreams, follow your craze. We want you to not let anything come in the way of whatever it is you are pursuing. We want you to do what everyone says you can't.

Cooking the perfect dish requires one thing more than the usual stuff, a dash of secret ingredient, some love, some magic...
We are the magic!
We, want you to do your thing, and leave the crowd seeking work to us. It can be anything, our team is going to take the challenge and present you with the sparkle to highlight your service, product or art; customized specially to be up to the mark with the dream you are being so awake for.

We are here to smoothen your corners and sharpen your curves, and bring light and payoffs to the tireless efforts and talent you put in.

So dream big. Be Brave. Be Free. Be Vocal. Be Yourself. Be Adventurous. Be Passionate. Follow your craze. Be a Fitoori.


February 2015

The ideation of Fitoor struck lightning bolts in the synaptic gaps of the brains of our young and wonderful founder.

May 2015

Fitoor as an Art Promotion Company, did its first gig, a painting spree at Happy Street in Nashik.

July 2015

First Fitoor Art Festival took place with some real novelty at Art Promotion.

August 2015

The Find Your Craze Campaign was launched online!

October 2015

Fitoor's First Collaborative Event "Community Caravan" at PNR Boat Club Nashik.

November 2015

Rocked Nashik and shook it up by hosting gigs of MH-15 The Band.

December 2015

Fun and Free Workshops at Tea Post Nashik.

April 2016

First Internship Program Conducted lighting the bulbs of "Ideation", "Thinking" and "Conceptualising" in some young minds.

May 2016

The Most Exciting Cafe Crawl Season 1 began crawling across Cafes in Nashik doing some unique and awesome stuff.

September 2016

Another Painting Spree "Palette For All" with Just Fitoor in a Local School.